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Hey! Music fans! Have you ever enjoy music on the World Wide Web?

No? Follow me! Try MP3 Music Search now.

MP3 Music Search is super MP3 and Stream Music Search Tool.
Simply type a search term, such as a song title or an artist name, MP3 Music Search will search more than 20 major search engines and produce a list of relevant files for you in seconds.

MP3 Music Search is not only a MP3 Search Tool, but also a super mp3 player which could play all kinds of audio and video files! Such as *.asf, *.cda, *.wma, *.asx, *.mp3, *.rm, *.ram, *.ra, *.pls, *.avi, *.wmv, *.mid, *.wav, *.midi, *.wax, *.wm, *.snd and *.wvx. After searching, you can play songs directly without downloading, without waiting!

You can also regard MP3 Music Search as a file search tool! Just input software name, such as "RealPlayer", and press "Search" button. MP3 Music Search will make a software download list for you!


Homepage of MP3 Music Search: http://www.touchingsoft.com/

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