Waver, free mp3 to wav converter

April 9, 2004 -- Waver, free mp3 to wav converter

Waver is an award winning WAV and MP3 conversion utility. It allows you to easily convert your WAV and MP3 files to either WAV or MP3. For MP3 creation you can use either a Windows MP3 codec or one of the two well-known MP3 encoders, Blade and LAME.

ALL conversion directions are supported, to and from WAV and to and from MP3. Features also include frequency resampling and mono/stereo conversion, VBR (Variable Bit Rate) MP3 encoding, etc.

If you have multiple processors in your machine Waver will use all of them to increase its power as a converter. For instance, two processors speed up the conversion TWICE! Waver is unique in this respect. It can take advantage of all of your CPUs. And still, Waver won't hurt your system in terms of responsiveness and performance of other critical and non-critical programs. It is by default made to do the conversion only when you or your CPUs are not doing anything! You won't even notice it is there!

Waver is also intended for batch conversion of many files. Once you set destination directories and audio formats, you can unleash it and do some other work. Waver will crunch the files for you in the background.


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