MP3Wrapster, software for MP3 Marketing...

MP3Wrapster, software for MP3 Marketing...

One of the problems with releasing your music on the
internet by creating MP3 files of your songs is that people use
different MP3 player software and there is no standard way of
linking info about the author, song, copyright, lyrics, website URL, etc, to the song file.

So once your music has been copied and downloaded by
thousands of listeners many people wont be able to locate the
author of the music.

Lots of lost traffic! Lots of lost sales!

Contrast this to content wrapping technology. I have
found a program that will turn my MP3 files into applications! People
can now download my songs in .exe format. Once you release an
MP3 file on the internet you never know where it may end up and
you can't assume that everybody will have an MP3 player installed.

The .exe application that the software creates is basically an MP3
file plus an MP3 player included with it. Each MP3 song that I have
converted into applications end up approx. 10-15K bigger. But that's
quite small.

And the best part is that the software allows you to
include a clickable link to your website. So people who like
your music have an easy way to locate you and perhaps purchase your

You can provide your lyric sheet within the song file
as well. The first few pieces of music I encoded were sample tracks
from my relaxation album, they didn't have lyrics, so I filled
out the space provided for lyrics with some additional appeal
to get a click to my site and song title, author and copyright

You could fill the lyric space with an entire sales
letter if you wanted to.

The software is called MP3Wrapster and costs $99. You
can convert as many songs as you like forever, there's no limits.

You can get it at...

The only other way I've found that will create wrapped
music content is a service called CintoA from

I didn't like the price they charge. They don't sell you software to
use yourself, they charge on a per song or per album basis to encode
your music for you.

Here's the prices for CintoA that I got off their

+ Individual songs are $125 each.

+ Whole records (up to 12 songs) are $495 each.

Those prices might be OK for you if a record company
promotes your music, but it's quite alot for someone like me just starting out.

Why do you need to use the MP3Wrapster as a marketing / promotion tool?

There are roughly 50 million people currently downloading MP3 files.

MP3 has already surpassed "sex" as the most popular term used in searches on the Internet.

A recent report by MTV estimates that there are 17 million MP3 file downloads per day -- a total of 6,205,000,000 yearly downloads.

MP3 music files are the most sought after items on the Internet. With the MP3wrapster you can capture the marketing / promotion power of digital music.

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