What Visual Mp3 Can do for you? MP3 player, music organizer, CD ripper, file renamer, karaoke player ...

June 6, 2004 -- Visual MP3, MP3 player, music organizer, CD ripper, file renamer, karaoke player

Visual MP3 can play your music, rip CDs, edit tags, search for lyrics online, download lyrics and display lyric sheets for songs. You can then sing along to your music collection....

Main Features:
MP3 Organizer - Organize MP3 Files by ID3s automatically
CD Ripper - CD to MP3, CD to OGG, CD to WAV Decoder
Karaoke - Karaoke player and free karaoke song lyrics
Batch ID3 Tag Editor - Supports ID3 v1/ v2 Tagging
Batch copy and rename for MP3 files
Advanced fuzzy search, catalog MP3s by Artist, Album, etc.
DIY & Publish your own free karaoke song lyrics
Combine karaoke song lyrics into the MP3
Search free karaoke song lyrics online
Create the HTML, TXT and Winamp M3U playlist

Visual MP3: CD Ripper

NO ASPI Manager Required!

Supports CD to MP3, CD to Ogg Vorbis and CD to WAV formats
Multiple modes for jitter correction
Multithreaded read and encode process
Supports ID3 Tagging, CDDB and Visual MP3 Database
Encode directly to MP3 or Ogg format with no intermediary WAV file
Visual MP3: Karaoke Software, Display MP3 Lyrics

Visual MP3 can embed karaoke song lyrics (ALC data) in MP3 files. The player of Visual MP3 can identify these MP3s with Karaoke Lyrics automatically, so it will display the lyrics synchronously during playing. When you drag the seeking bar to one point where you want to begin according to the lyrics, the player will begin to play it just from the point later on.

Visual MP3: ID3 Tag Editor and Batch ID3 Tagging
Visual ID3 is a tag editor utility of Visual MP3 and it allows you edit the ID3 tag of MP3 files by batch.
You can apply the following actions to your mp3 files with Visual ID3:
Copy all ID3 v1 Tag to ID3 v2 Tag
Copy all ID3 v2 Tag to ID3 v1 Tag
Remove all ALC information inside MP3 files
Remove ID3 v1 and / or ID3 v2 Tags
Replace ID3 v1 Tag with Visual MP3 Database Tag
Replace ID3 v2 Tag with Visual MP3 Database Tag
You can also edit ID3 v1/v2 Tags one by one with ID3 Tag Editor of Visual MP3.

Visual MP3: Batch Renaming
With Visual MP3 you can quickly and easily rename your music collection using the Visual MP3 Database tag data.
We provide you a tool for batch renaming. You can selective rename "xxx.MP3 " to "Title-Artist.MP3" format ,for example, or build folders sort by album or artist, and copy /move them.

Visual MP3: Generate HTML List
Visual MP3 can convert its database into TXT and HTML files easily.
With HTML or TXT file generated, you can print the information about all MP3 songs and listen to all the tracks in your browser with simply one click.

Visual MP3: Create MP3 Playlist
You can open the list window of Visual MP3 and add items by drag and drop. The playlist can be sorted randomly and the player can overleap the lost files automatically.
Besides using the playlist inside Visual MP3, you can also create M3U playlist for other popular MP3 player to use, Winamp for example.

Visual MP3: Search Lyrics Online
With Active Lyric Seeker tool of Visual MP3, you can search ALC files quickly in our lyric database and download them by simple one click.

Visual MP3: DIY Karaoke Lyrics
The new version of Active Lyric Maker has a more flexibility then old version. You can preview the final result when you marking and no need to finish playing the whole song.When you are marking the time tag, you can pause or go back as well.

New version of Active Lyric Maker can open an MP3 file with ALC data directly to edit. And new ALC data can be saved into MP3 file, too.

When you execute Active Lyric Maker at the first time, please sign up an account of Active Lyric author for free. After that, you can upload the ALC file you have made to the lyrics database for others to use.

If you have aleady signed up as an Active Lyric author in the old version, you can sign in directly with your account name and password.


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